Home Cinema Virtual Reality

HOMECINEMA deluxe by intelliHOME AG Virtual Reality visualization

Regardless of whether you want to implement your home cinema in an existing basement room or in the villa that is yet to be built, with our unique HOMECINEMA deluxe by intelliHOME AG Virtual Reality visualization you can help your imagination make the right decisions. This unique perspective is extremely praised and valued enormously by our customers.
Our expertise lies in seamlessly merging cutting-edge virtual reality 3D technology with innovative home cinema design, providing you with an immersive and interactive experience like never before.

Step into your dream home cinema before it becomes a reality. With our virtual reality home cinema design services, you have the power to explore and customize your entertainment space in a virtual environment.

Our VR simulations allow you to walk through your future home cinema, visualizing every detail, from seating arrangements to acoustic paneling, in stunning 3D realism.

In addition to traditional blueprints and static renderings, our unique virtual reality design platform enables you to step into your home cinema and experience it from every angle. Wander through the space, test different seating configurations, and get a true sense of the scale and ambiance. It’s not just a design; it’s an immersive preview of your entertainment haven with 100% fun factor.

Explore the possibilities of virtual reality, where innovation and entertainment converge. Contact us today to step into the future of home cinema design.

Virtual Home cinema preview

From screen placement to lighting schemes, our platform empowers you to actively participate in the creative process, ensuring the final design aligns perfectly with your vision.

Explore the integration of state-of-the-art audiovisual technology within your virtual home cinema. Preview the placement of premium speakers, test light reflections reflected from the screen onto the floor, ceiling and walls, and experience the impact of advanced projection systems – all in virtual realm. Our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of home cinema technology ensures that your virtual experience mirrors the possibilities of the real world. The Airbus A 380 was planned this way. Why not your dream home cinema?

Innovative Design

We leverage virtual reality to transform the design process, providing you with an unparalleled and interactive experience.

Joint Customization

Your input matters. Our virtual reality design platform allows you to actively participate in the customization of your home cinema.

Technology Excellence

We integrate the latest audiovisual technologies, ensuring your home cinema is equipped with the best-in-class components. These components are also represented in the 3D visualization.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through the virtual design process, ensuring your vision is translated seamlessly into reality.


With the fascinating ability to display virtual viewers, we can ensure that the front viewers do not block the rear viewer’s clear view of the entire screen. 


In order to define the ideal placement of the cinema seats, we even visualize the unfavorable “standing frequency waves” that the given room dimensions unfortunately bring with them. With our virtual reality system, it is possible for the first time to make these otherwise invisible sound waves visible. Delicate wrong decisions can be exposed quickly. 


The distance between the audience and the screen is calculated and displayed individually for each seat in order to define the optimal seating position. 


The viewing angles per row of seats (green and red angles in the image) indicate which maximum screen width would be the best choice.

See how we adjust your screen size in real time and how this impacts viewers. 


Walk through the rows of seats and see what the intended spacing feels like.

Is there room for an additional cinema seat or will it be too tight? 

You can make this decision in seconds. 


Stand on the backrow level and determine whether the room height would be comfortable despite a suspended acoustic ceiling or whether it feels uncomfortably low. 


Sit in the best seat and enjoy the unique opportunity to experience your future home cinema in unprecedented virtual authenticity.