Home Cinema Project Management

HOMECINEMA deluxe by intelliHOME AG is your gateway to the pinnacle of luxury in home entertainment. In order to assure a smooth project integration and guarantee the successful building of the home theatre, it is very important to us to guide and accompany the works with a professional project and construction management. Our expertise extends beyond cinematic mastery to a meticulous coordination of skilled professionals, including electrical contractors, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning engineers, carpenters, drywall builders, and other essential stakeholders. From the initial dimensions of the room, the utilized materials to the building of the construction of the room elements the lighting control and the integration of the home theatre electronics, HEIMKINOexclusiv oversees and monitors every aspect of the project to completion.

At HOMECINEMA deluxe by intelliHOME AG, we understand that true excellence lies in the details. Our services encompass the strategic positioning of back boxes within concrete structures, ensuring a foundation that seamlessly accommodates the integration of cutting-edge technology. Thoughtful planning extends to the layout of pipes for wiring, connecting effortlessly to the head end, resulting in a sophisticated and clutter-free cinematic environment.

Our seasoned home cinema project managers have years of experience in assuring the soundproofing of all structures, built-in materials, and furniture to guarantee a crystal clear, crisp sound without unwanted resonances even at high volumes and in ultra deep bass scenes that tend to stimulate disturbing vibrations.

We oversee every aspect, from initial concept to the installation and integration of all built-in electronic devices on-site.

What sets us apart is our commitment to comprehensive project management that leaves nothing to chance and assures that every home cinema meets the highest industry standards.