Home Cinema Construction

At HOMECINEMA deluxe by intelliHOME AG we bring dreams to life by specializing in the construction of luxury home cinema rooms.

 Elevate your home entertainment experience with our meticulous craftsmanship, where every element is thoughtfully designed and executed to create a cinematic sanctuary that exceeds all expectations. We understand that a luxury home cinema is more than a space: it’s an experience.

Our team of skilled craftsmen, carpenters, and audiovisual experts collaborate to transform your vision into a reality that reflects your unique taste and style.

Our Construction expertise:

Step into a realm of luxury where craftsmanship meets innovation. Our construction services encompass the creation of bespoke home cinema rooms featuring risers, baffle walls, acoustic walls with custom projection windows, and suspended ceilings, meticulously crafted to create an immersive and visually stunning cinematic experience.

Baffle Wall Design & Construction:

Bespoke baffle walls are designed to optimize the placement and performance of the front subwoofers & speakers concealed behind the suspended acoustically transparent cinemascope masking screen ensuring a captivating audiovisual experience, while limiting vibrations and resonances.

Home Cinema multi-row riser design:

Designed for optimal viewing angles, our riser and stair constructions not only enhance visibility but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the space. Every detail is considered to ensure that your cinema room is both functional and visually stunning.

Acoustic walls & Elements:

Experience sound in its purest form with our acoustically optimized walls. We employ advanced acoustic treatments to create an environment where sound is finely tuned to perfection. From specialized wall panels and acoustic fabrics to room-in-room construction with a seamlessly integrated projector windows for dedicated home theatres, every element is chosen to ensure a truly immersive experience.

Suspended Acoustic Ceilings:

Our suspended acoustic ceilings are designed not only to enhance the visual appeal of your space but also to optimize sound quality, ensuring an immersive audio experience that rivals the finest theaters. The acoustically transparent ceiling allows us to strategically place Atmos speakers or acoustic element that absorb and diffuse sound. Whether you prefer a classic, contemporary, or themed look, our suspended ceilings can be tailored to complement your unique style. They seamlessly incorporate lighting elements or even entire star ceilings to enhance the ambiance and add a touch of cinematic flair to your home theater.

Acoustic Fabrics:

Our selection of premium acoustically fabrics not only adds a touch of luxury to your home cinema but also ensures that sound can pass through unimpeded, preserving the acoustic integrity of the space.

Carpentry and Flooring Excellence:

Our commitment to craftsmanship extends to carpentry (from intricate room elements to purpose-built cabinets) and flooring with bespoke carpentry work and meticulously laid carpets, every element is executed with precision. Our skilled artisans create a seamless and visually cohesive space that complements the luxurious ambiance of your home cinema.