Stealth Home Cinema

This unique, immersive Audio ATMOS home cinema 3D stealth design was realized in a 33m² cinema room. Acoustic panels (diffusers and absorbers) and the surround speakers were installed invisibly behind the sound-transparent wall paneling in the 3D stealth look design. The indirect and color-changeable LED laser beam style wall lighting ensures an intergalactic WOW effect. To eliminate the fan noise of the professional Barco projector, the projector was installed in a hushbox construction with a sophisticated ventilation and cooling system in a wardrobe in the back room.

From the 4 super comfortable and motorized CINEAK Chaise Longue lying areas in the front row, you won’t want to get up even after watching the movie. The exclusive diamond stitching on the leather and Alcantara upholstery ensures consistent harmony between the 2 different cinema seat models in the front and rear rows of seats. The video image was tuned using a madVR Extreme HDR home cinema processor with intermediate image calculation. The award-winning ASCENDO cinema audio system impresses not only with its three-dimensional image. Speech intelligibility, dynamics and precision without disturbing resonances are also part of the perfect experience in this home cinema. An exceptionally immersive home cinema experience in a class of its own, which takes home cinema guests into an unusual, intergalactic environment.