About us

Our claim

For two decades, our company has redefined the Swiss quality standard in highend home entertainment, crafting the most luxurious bespoke home cinemas without compromise. Born from a passion for innovation and a love for our craft, our team of enthusiasts has consistently pushed the boundaries of technical expertise and perfect craftsmanship. Each project is an ode to emotional experiences, where cutting-edge technology merges seamlessly with artistic vision. We take pride in our legacy of creating not just home cinemas, but immersive sanctuaries where the love for what we do translates into unforgettable moments. Welcome to two decades of unparalleled excellence, where passion meets perfection.

Our team

Meet our team of home entertainment virtuosos. Comprising well-trained experts in audio-video technology, sound engineering, construction, custom installation, and systems engineering, each member is a specialist and a perfectionist in their designated field. What sets us apart is our shared passion – every team member is not only a professional but also a home cinema enthusiast and cinephile. This unique blend of expertise and genuine love for cinematic experiences fuels our commitment to delivering unrivaled perfection in every project. Trust us to turn your home into a haven where technology and passion converge for the ultimate cinematic indulgence. We have various certifications in the areas of home theater construction, image calibration, lighting controls, project management, system design, etc., including:

THX Certified Home Theater Technician

ISF Certified Picture Calibration Specialist

CEDIA Certified Designers

Team J Blaser

J. Blaser

Installer & Systems Engineer
Team G Calabro

G. Calabro

Head of Project Management
Team F Pafumi

F. Pafumi

Systems Engineer & Software Development
Team F Huber

F. Huber

Head of Software Development & Project Manager
Team R Burger

R. Burger

Systemtechniker & Projektleiter
Team F Fragapane

F. Fragapane

COO & Account Manager
Team M Boch

M. Boch

CEO & Founder
Team S Boch

S. Boch

Team U Boch

U. Boch

5_3_4 Team R Rathe

R. Rathe

Systems & Network Engineer


HOMECINEMA deluxe by intelliHOME AG is a brand of intelliHOME Switzerland, who stands as a trailblazer in smart home technology and high-end home entertainment, proudly shaping luxury residences for over two decades. As a premier system integration company, intelliHOME collaborates with market-leading manufacturers to craft unique bespoke systems for the most discerning clients across Europe and overseas. intelliHOME’s expertise lies in seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology into the design of homes, creating intelligent and sophisticated environments. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to excellence, IntelliHOME transforms houses into state-of-the-art sanctuaries, where unparalleled connectivity and high-end entertainment redefine the essence of convenience and modern luxury living.  Find out more about intelligent homes, tailored to perfection at: intellihome.ch